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American Accent & Professional Presence Coaching

My name is Kristyn, I’m a native English speaker, and I’m a language learner myself. I built my foundation in language learning while living in Germany, and then later elevated those skills and sensitivities while becoming fluent in Spanish in Mexico. I personally understand many of the challenges that professional language learners face, and can help to target your specific needs to elevate your English and help you advance in your career. 


I have Bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and German, a TESOL Certification, Business English Certification, English Editing Certification, and five years of experience teaching students from all over the world. I also have a professional background in business management, higher education, real estate, and the legal field. 


My passion is helping English language learners to communicate more effectively and eloquently and I look forward to connecting with you! Contact me to discuss availability and to set up a free trial class to discuss your English goals.

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